Version 3.4.3 Update

Thank you for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross].

The app was updated to Version 3.4.3 on Oct. 31, 2019.
Please see the below for a list of adjustments implemented with this update.

■ Update Details
● The same type of Subslot Medals can now be stacked up to 99.

* With this change, Subslot Medals can no longer be equipped on your spirit slot (6th slot) and you will no longer be able to set them as your Friend Medal. If a Subslot Medal was set as Friend Medal, they will be replaced with another Medal.

* Subslot Medals will not stack in the following situations.
- Subslot Medal is leveled up.
- Skill is attached to the Subslot Medal.
- Subslot Medal is locked.

* Subslot Medals with special traits can be stacked, but the special traits will be removed.

● The Passive screen has been updated visually.
* Active Passives can now be verified through the Profile screen.

● If you swipe left or right while having the description page open for a certain Medal, it will now display the description of the next (before/after) Medal.

● Implemented various bug fixes.

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