August’s New Medals and Events!

★ Here are details regarding August’s new Medals!

- Aug. 1, 2019: SN - Ultimate Form Sora will be introduced through a deal! It ignores target’s attributes and increases your U-Medal STR by 1500!
- Aug. 5, 2019: SN+ - KH III Xemnas will be introduced through 4 weeks (Aug. 5, Aug. 12, Aug. 19, and Aug. 26) of WJEs!
- Aug. 16, 2019: SN - KH III Dark Riku will be introduced through a deal (VIP/Standard Draws)! It’s the first Speed attribute Medal that has a 30% chance to ignore target's Defense Boost. Also, a new effect that decreases the target’s Upright STR in PvP and all targets' STR in other quests!
- Aug. 26, 2019: SN - KH III Dark Baymax will be introduced through a deal (VIP/Standard Draws)! It’s a hard-hitting, single-target Medal!

Additionally, we will be introducing SAB LV 7, SAB LV 8 and SAB LV 9 sub-slot Medals!

★ Here are details regarding August’s new events!

- Aug. 1, 2019:
・Sub-slot Medals will be introduced through the Event Coins Galore event!
・We will be providing a Keyblade Booster like we did in July! Also, PvE Coliseum will feature Speed attribute enemies, so be sure to take them on with the Power attribute!

- Aug. 12, 2019:
We will be revising the rewards for the Radiant Reward Raid Events! We are planning to add Jewels as rewards for parties that rank high and tons of Gems for the individual rankings! Additionally, you will be able to select whether to spawn a standard Raid Boss or an Omega Raid Boss. Work with your party to rank high in the standings!

Furthermore, the Big Bonus Challenge will be returning at the end of August! Complete the challenge to get Jewels!

* Details subject to change.

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