Supernova+ Medals Enhanced
■ Select Number of Supernova+ Medals Have Been Enhanced
As of the update on Jul. 18, 2019, we have enhanced the STR of the following Supernova+ Medals so that they are more on par with the other Supernova+ Medals.

Medal Name STR Before STR After
SN+ - Illustrated Cloud2078025780
SN+ - Illustrated Sora2100026000
SN+ - Illustrated Aqua2297227972
SN+ - Illustrated Riku2107726077
SN+ - Illustrated Ventus2305928059
SN+ - Illustrated Terra2310928109
SN+ - Illus. KH II Sora & Riku2006326563
SN+ - Dual Wield Roxas2011326613
Supernova+ - Sephiroth2008330083
Supernova+ - Key Art #192005827058
Supernova+ - Riku Replica2009127091
Supernova+ - KH III Starlight2007427074
Supernova+ - HD Terra1984026340
Supernova+ - HD Ventus1979126291
Supernova+ - HD Aqua1978226282
SN+ - Terra, Ven, Aqua1982326823
Supernova+ - KH III Riku2004928049
Supernova+ - KH III Sora1995827958
SN+ - KH III Young Xehanort2006628066
Supernova+ - KH III Vanitas2014029140
SN+ - KH III Monster Sora2017926179
Supernova+ - FFRK Lightning2016829168
Supernova+ - FFRK Sephiroth2019630196
Supernova+ - KH III Ansem2011025110
Supernova+ - KH III Lea (Axel)2017425000
Supernova+ - Key Art #202500030000
SN+ - KH III Master Xehanort2020025200
Supernova+ - KH III Marluxia2045625456
SN+ - Guardian Form Sora1917323673
Supernova+ - KH III Zeus2040024900
Supernova+ - KH III Hades2043125431
SN+ - KH III Anti-Aqua2222228222
SN+ - KH III Youth in White2300029000
SN+ - KH III Youth in Black2300029000
SN+ - Blitz Form Sora2500030000

* The STR stat is derived from the Medal at max level and upgraded all the way with Boost Medals (not including stat boost from Boosted Medals and Traits).

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