July’s New Medals!

★ Here are details regarding July’s new Medals!

Based on the recent feedback that we collected, we have decided to release the details of the NEW Medals coming in July! Please take a moment to look through the details, so that you can plan in advance!

Here are the NEW Medals that will be introduced in July!
- Jul. 1, 2019: SN - KH III Xion will be introduced through a deal!
- Jul. 1, 2019 to Aug. 4, 2019: SN+ - KH III Aqua will be introduced through 5 weeks of WJEs!
- Jul. 19, 2019: SN - KH III Terra and SN - KH III Ventus will be introduced through a deal!

* Please note that the notice only covers NEW Medals for July.
* Buffed existing Medals and returning Medals will be announced accordingly.

We will also be releasing an event schedule for July in the near future, so please stay tuned!

■ Medal Details

Yellow indicates values when Medal is upgraded to Supernova+.
See About Evolving/Upgrading Supernova Medals for more information.

Medal Special Attack Gauge Tier Damage*
SN - KH III Xion (7★)
[Maximum STR: 23241]
[Target: All] 1 turn: R-Medal STR +500, DEF +500, ↑ STR, R- & PSM-STR 10, SP ATK B +200%. Count ±0. 0 9 × 52.44
[Target: All]1 turn: R-Medal STR +5000, SP ATK B +230% (+280%), ↓ targets' DEF, R- & PSM-DEF 7. Count ±0.
Triggers before slot 1 is activated when defending in PVP.
× 160.00
(× 200.00)
Medal Special Attack Gauge Tier Damage*
SN+ - KH III Aqua (7★)
[Maximum STR: 30018]
[Target: All] Deals 3 hits. 1 turn: M-Medal STR +1500, ↑ STR & U-STR 7, M-STR 10, SP ATK B +200%, ↓ targets' M-DEF 10. Count ±0. Damage+: 1 enemy or 0 parts left. 1 9 × 42.86-56.16
[Target: All]1 turn: ↑ STR, U- & M-STR 15, SP ATK B +280%.
Triggers before slot 3 is activated when defending in PVP.
× 220.00

* Damage multiplier listed applies to a version of this Medal with a maximum Special Attack Bonus.
* You will only be able to attain the Maximum STR stat in red when the Medal is upgraded to Supernova+. Additionally, the Maximum STR stat is derived from the Medal at max level and upgraded all the way with Boost Medals (not including stat boost from Boosted Medals and Traits).
* If multiple Medals that grant an increased SP Attack Bonus are activated during the same turn, the effects will not stack and the higher value will take effect.

■ July’s Featured Keyblades
Take on PvE Coliseum with Magic attribute Keyblades!
You may be able to rank high in PvE if you utilize the featured SN+ - KH III Aqua Medal wisely by placing them in multiple slots!

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