[Updated 4/18] Upgrade Your Favorite Medals to Supernova+!

★ Happy 3rd Anniversary!
Your favorite Medals can now be upgraded to Supernova and Supernova+!


The results for the “What’s your favorite Medal?” poll are in! Here are two of the top Medals that were voted as your favorites through Twitter!

- Illustrated KH II Sora & Riku [EX]
- Dual Wield Roxas [EX]

To celebrate the 3rd anniversary, you will be able to upgrade these Medals to Supernova and Supernova+!
* Please note these Medals can be upgraded after the update on Apr. 18, 2019 12:00 a.m. (PT) / 7:00 (UTC).

Starting tomorrow, please stay tuned for upcoming deals and WJE that will feature these Medals!

■About Evolving / Upgrading Medals
1. How to upgrade to Supernova
You can upgrade a Medal to a Supernova by collecting 6 of the same Medal.

 Base Medal that you want to upgrade to Supernova - 7★ [EX] Medal × 1
 Mats used to upgrade the base Medal - Same 7★ [EX] Medal × 5

* Once you upgrade the Medal, it will become a Tier 9 Medal. Additionally, the number of trait slots will increase to 5.
* Medals used to upgrade the base Medal will be automatically chosen from the lowest level to highest level.
Please remember to lock your Medals or set them to your sub-slots to prevent them from being used as mats.
Also, any traits from the Medals used as mats won’t transfer to the base Medal.
* Please note that Boosted Medals cannot be used as mats.

2. How to upgrade to Supernova+
Once you upgrade a Medal to Supernova using step 1, you will then use the same method to upgrade to Supernova+.

Base Medal that you want to upgrade to Supernova+ - Supernova Medal upgraded in step 1 × 1
Mats used to upgrade the base Medal - Dual Meow Wow [SAB LV 9] × 5

* Please note that the name of the Medal will change slightly once the Medal is upgraded.
Illustrated KH II Sora & Riku [EX]
⇒ SN+ - Illus. KH II Sora & Riku

See About Evolving/Upgrading Supernova Medals for more information.

■ New to Kingdom Hearts Union χ [Cross]? Check out our Common Terms page for more information!

* We confirmed an issue where the Tier 7 version of the Medal would appear as Tier 9 on certain screens prior to it being upgraded to Supernova.
* The [EX] Medal can be located by filtering your Medals with the Tier 9 option.

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