Information On Spirit Training

■ New Feature: Spirit Training
The Spirit Training feature is available through the Spirit Details screen.
Equip a Medal to your Spirit and train it to unlock a Special Trait on the Medal.
* "Special Traits" do not share slots with regular Traits.

・Unlock additional Spirit Training slots to equip multiple Medals to your Spirit for training.

Requirement Duration
Purchase Jewel Box + to unlock 1 additional slot. Until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. (PT) of the week you purchased the Jewel Box +.
Purchase Jewel Box E to unlock 1 additional slot. 31 days after purchase (overwrite)
Draw 5 times from a 10-Medal Deal to unlock 1 additional slot.*1 Until 72 hours after the 5th draw was pulled.

* You will only unlock 1 additional slot per requirement.
Meeting the same requirement more than once will not unlock additional slots until the current duration ends.

*1 Only limited-time campaign 10-Medal Deals qualify. "Ticket Draw" Deals do NOT qualify.
Draws pulled while you have unlocked a additional slot by this method are NOT counted towards the next 5 draw requirement.

You can use Spirit Training once every 20 hours. You may use Jewels to train again immediately.
[Jewels Required]100 ⇒ 100 ⇒ 200 ⇒ 500 ⇒ 1,000 (any further uses will cost 1,000 Jewels)
* Jewels required will be reset each day at 11:59 p.m. (PT).

■ Special Traits
See below for a list of possible Special Traits.
If you unlock a Special Trait on a Medal that already has one, you can choose whether to keep or overwrite the current Special Trait.

Special Trait Unlock Rate
Extra Attack: 120% Power0.2%
Damage in Raids +100%0.8%
Damage in Raids +30%2.4%
Damage in Raids +20%3.5%
Damage in Raids +10%3.5%
STR +20001.4%
STR +5002.0%
STR +4003.5%
STR +2003.5%
STR +1003.5%
STR +503.5%
DEF +10002.0%
DEF +8003.5%
DEF +6003.5%
DEF +4003.5%
DEF +2003.5%
Ground Enemy DEF -70%1.4%
Aerial Enemy DEF -70%1.4%
Max Gauges +33.5%
Max Gauges +23.5%
Max Gauges +13.5%
Max HP +10003.5%
Max HP +9003.5%
Max HP +8003.5%
Max HP +7003.5%
Max HP +6003.5%
Max HP +5003.5%
Poison Resist 100%1.0%
Poison Resist 20%2.8%
Poison Resist 10%3.5%
Sleep Resist 100%1.0%
Sleep Resist 20%2.8%
Sleep Resist 10%3.5%
Paralysis Resist 100%1.0%
Paralysis Resist 20%2.8%
Paralysis Resist 10%3.5%

* The effects of the following 3 traits will not stack with their regular trait counterparts. Instead, only the stronger effect will take effect.
Extra Attack: 120% Power
Aerial Enemy DEF -70%
Ground Enemy DEF -70%

Example 1:
Regular Trait Extra Attack: 40% Power
Special Trait Extra Attack: 120% Power ⇐ If a Medal has both effects, only this one will be effective.

Example 2:
Regular Trait Ground Enemy DEF -60%
Special Trait Ground Enemy DEF -70% ⇐ If a Medal has both effects, only this one will be effective.

(Nov. 26th Update)
The effects for these Special Traits have been changed:
Ground Enemy DEF-20% ⇒ -70%
Aerial Enemy DEF-20% ⇒ -70%

*Following the change, the new effect will be given as the Special Trait.
Medals that have the -20% effect from before the change will not have it replaced with the -70% effect.

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