Use Skip Tickets to Skip Quests!

★ Use this convenient feature to get your rewards instantly!

Skip Tickets is a shortcut feature that allows you to skip playing the quest!
This allows you to jump directly to the Quest Results screen and receive your rewards!

● You can skip quests by using a Skip Ticket or Skip Ticket+!
* The AP required will still be consumed upon skipping.

● The quests you can skip depend on the ticket you're using.

Skip Ticket: allows you to skip quests in which you've completed all 3 objectives!
Skip Ticket+: allows you to skip even quests in which you haven't completed the objectives!

● A [Skip] button will appear on the Quest screen if you own a Skip Ticket or Skip Ticket+.
Tap it to skip the quest and go directly to the Quest Results screen!


● With the exception of the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza and Jewel Box A, any Jewels purchases will come with Skip Tickets+!


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