Letter from the Dev Team (Feb. 2019)

★ Exciting Updates Coming for KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross]!

Thank you to all Keyblade wielders, both new and old, for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross]!

With KINGDOM HEARTS III released just earlier this week, we'd like to take this chance to give you a preview of some of the updates and changes we have in store for you over the next few months!

■ Fast-Forward Mode (April 2019)
We’re working on a fast-forward feature that will allow you to speed up both the pace of battles and your movement speed during quests!


■ Pet Training (April 2019)
By equipping a Medals to your Spirit and having them undergo special training, you’ll be able to unlock a new special trait slot!


■ Nova & Supernova Improvements (Spring 2019)
Nova and Supernova attacks will be adjusted to add a DEF -60% effect to both ground and aerial enemies.

■ Amazon Appstore Release (Jan. 29, 2019)
As you may already know, you can now play KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross] on your Amazon Fire devices!
Get it from the Amazon Appstore!

* The images used in this notice are from a build still in development.

Thanks for playing KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ [Cross]!

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