Requirements Halved for Starlight Keyblade!
★Requirements Halved for Starlight Keyblade!

Your trusty Starlight Keyblade from KINGDOM HEARTS Union χ[Cross] will make a appearance in KINGDOM HEARTS III!

In this Limited-Time Challenge, you can earn a code to unlock the Starlight Keyblade that you can use in KINGDOM HEARTS III by playing the "Classic Kingdom" mini-games and reaching certain scores in each of them.

Clear the Limited-Time Challenge and get ready for KINGDOM HEARTS III! And best of all, you can get up to 3,000 Jewels for clearing the missions!

* You can get 600 Jewels from clearing the requirements for each mini-game.

How to Obtain the Starlight Keyblade in KH III
(1) First, go to χ3 [ex tres] mode and then select "Limited-Time Challenge" to check the score requirements for each game.

* You can access χ3 [ex tres] from the title screen, or by going to MENU > Other > χ3 [ex tres].
* Each game has a different score requirement.
* You do not need to reach the score requirement in a single playthrough! Each time you complete a playthrough your score will be added to your total.

(2) In Classic Kingdom mode you can play 5 mini-games that will be found in KINGDOM HEARTS III.


(3) After meeting all the score requirements, you can tap on "Issue Product Code" in the "Limited-Time Challenge" screen.

* The product code you receive will be usable after the release of "KINGDOM HEARTS III."

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