Common Terms and Phrases in Deal Notices

Below are some of the common terms and phrases that are seen in our Deal notices.
Please note that this information may change with future updates.

■ VIP Draws
Purchasing the current Weekly Jewels Extravaganza will allow you to use the VIP Draw feature until Sunday at 11:59 p.m. (PT).
If you purchase the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza on Sunday, you will only be able to use VIP Draws until 11:59 p.m. (PT) on that same Sunday.

VIP Draws provide exclusive perks to your draws from certain Deals, such as:
Guaranteeing specific Medals within a certain number of VIP Draws from the Deal.
 The number of VIP Draws required until a Deal's guaranteed draw will be retained across multiple weeks.
 However, you will need to purchase the Weekly Jewels Extravaganza for each week.
 Standard draws do NOT count towards the number of VIP Draws required until a guaranteed draw.

Increasing the amount of bonus rewards you receive.

Increasing the probability of receiving certain Medals from a Deal.

The perks of VIP Draws vary from Deal to Deal. Please confirm the notices for each Deal to see what perks are available.

■ "Within x Draws"
Certain Deals have a "guaranteed within x draws" aspect. This means if you do not draw the specified Medal within the guaranteed number of draws, you will receive the specified Medal on the guaranteed draw.
* The number of draws required until the guaranteed draw can be found in the in-game Shop screen, under the Deal's banner.

Example: The Deal guarantees a specific Medal "within 5 draws".
If you draw from the Deal 4 times and do not obtain the specified Medal, you are guaranteed to obtain the specified Medal on your 5th draw from the Deal.

・When you receive the specified Medal, the number of draws required for the guaranteed draw will be reset.

・If you draw and do not receive the specified Medal, the "number of draws you did not receive the specified Medal" will be retained for the duration of the campaign period.
* Drawing from another Deal, leaving the Deal screen, drawing from the same Deal on different days, etc. will not reset this number.
* Depending on the Deal, you may have a chance to obtain a Boosted medal from the guaranteed draw. Please check "Draw Odds" for more details.

・When a Medal is guaranteed within a certain number of VIP Draws, standard draws will NOT count towards the number of VIP Draws required until the guaranteed draw.

■ Boosted Medals
When drawing from certain Deals, you may obtain the Boosted version of a Medal!
Compared to their original Medals, Boosted Medals have increased stats, such as 1,000 more base Strength.
* You can confirm the Boosted Medals obtainable from a Deal in the "Draw Odds" tab.

・In the Medal Details screen, the boosted base Strength and Defense stat of a Boosted Medal will be highlighted in yellow instead of the usual white text.

・You will lose the Boosted stats if you fuse a Boosted version of a Medal onto its normal counterpart.

・As with regular Medals, the maximum Strength and Defense of Boosted Medals can be further increased with Chip and Dale Medals.

■ Trait Medals
Some Medals have their own exclusive Trait Medal.
Trait Medals are black-and-white Medals that can be can be fused onto their original Medals to unlock the following:
・The original Medal will gain a new trait.
・The original Medal will gain one Special Attack dot.

・Trait Medals are intended for fusion purposes, and do not have the same stats as their original Medals.

・Trait Medals and their corresponding Medals share a slot in the Album.

⇒ Click here for more information on traits!

■ Prime Medals
Prime Medals are special type of Medal that has specific bonuses when evolved to 7★.

A 7★ Prime Medal has the following bonuses advantages compared to a regular Medal:
・The Prime Medal will have 5 trait slots! (The 6★ version will have 3 trait slots.)
・Using Chip and Dale Medals, you will be able to power up the Medal to +2000 STR and DEF, beyond the usual +1000 STR and DEF!
・The Medal will gain an increased SP Attack Bonus buff as a part of its Special Attack!
NOTE: If the Medal's Special Attack already includes an SP Attack Bonus increase, this value will be further increased from its base value.

■ Supernova Medals img
Equipping a Supernova Medal enables you to unleash its powerful Supernova once per quest!
* You can activate the Supernova at any time during your own turn. In PvP Mode, activation timing will vary depending on the Medal when defending.

・You can use Supernova once per Supernova Medal equipped.

・A Supernova's potency is determined by the Strength of its Medal.
* Supernova is affected by Keyblade slot boosts and buffs from Special Attacks. However, Supernova is NOT affected by Special Attack Bonus or skills.

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