Skill Medals Falling Price Deal!

■ Skill Medals Falling Price Deal!

With the Falling Price Deal, the Jewel cost will decrease with each pull, decreasing to 1900 Jewels from the 5th pull onward!
In addition, each pull from this deal guarantees at least one Tier 4 7★ Skill Medal!

■ Campaign Period:
Jul. 9, 2018 12:00 a.m. to Jul. 16, 2018 11:59 p.m. (PT)
Jul. 9, 2018 7:00 to Jul. 17, 2018 6:59 (UTC)

■ Details:
This 10-Medal Falling Price Deal guarantees the following:
・The price of the deal will decrease after each draw:
 - 1st Draw: 3000 Jewels
 - 2nd Draw: 2500 Jewels
 - 3rd Draw: 2200 Jewels
 - 4th Draw: 2000 Jewels
 - 5th Draw onward: 1900 Jewels

Even better, the Tier 4 7★ Medal you receive is guaranteed to come with the following:
 - Special Attack unlocked
 - A maximum Special Attack Bonus
 - A powerful skill at max skill level

Check below for a full list of the possible skills your Tier 4 7★ Medal could come with!
 ・Attack Boost VI Max
 ・Defense Boost I Max  
 ・Defense Boost II Max  
 ・Defense Boost III Max  
 ・ATK B V Max & GA 1  
 ・ATK B V Max & Lux+
 ・Triple Threat II

NOTE: This deal does not have a "Guaranteed within X turns" aspect. In other words, it does not guarantee that you will receive a specific Medal within a certain number of turns.

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