Introducing Subslots!

In Version 2.6.0, we're introducing subslots for your Keyblades!

■ About Subslots


・Each of your Keyblades now has subslots.

・By setting 7★ Medals in these subslots, you can increase your Keyblade's slot multipliers.
 * Spirit Medal slot: base Spirit slot multiplier + equipped Keyblade subslot multiplier

・How much a slot multiplier increases is based on the Special Attack Bonus for the Medals set in subslots.

■ Setting Medals in Subslots


・Tap the 'subslots' button on the Equipment screen to set Medals in subslots.


・You can only set 7★ Medals in subslots.
 Additionally, you can only set Medals that match each particular subslot's attribute.

・Medals must be set in subslots in order, moving from 'SLOT 1' to 'SLOT 2,' and so on.

*The images used in this announcement are still under development.

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