Version 2.6.0 Update Preview Volume 3!

Version 2.6.0 Update Preview!
Volume 3
Arriving May 25, 2018!

Today, we're excited to give you a preview of some additional new features that will be arriving in Version 2.6.0!

■ Introducing 7★ Rarity Medals!
  Evolve all your Medals to this new level of rarity!


・A new level of maximum rarity will be added with the release of Version 2.6.0! Even better, you can evolve all Medals to 7★ rarity!
  *EXP Medals, Boost Medals, Cost Medals, Evolve Medals, and Munny Medals cannot be evolved into 7★ Medals.

・Evolve a Medal to 7★ rarity to greatly strengthen its parameters and Special Attack.

・In order to evolve a 6★ Medal into a 7★ Medal, you will need to fulfill the following conditions:
  1. The Medal must be max level
  2. The Medal must have a maximum Special Attack Bonus
  3. You must have the necessary Evolve Medals

■ Introducing Subslots!


・Following the release of Version 2.6.0, subslots will be added to each of your Keyblades.

・By equipping Medals in these subslots, you can increase your Keyblade's slot multipliers.

・As you can only equip 7★ Medals in these subslots, try evolving as many Medals to 7★ as you can!

■ Get caught up on Story Quests fast!
  Introducing the skip feature!

・With the version 2.6.0 update, after you complete a Story Quest, all following quests in that same questline will now be unlocked automatically.
  *There are some Story Quests you will not be able to skip.
  *The skip feature does not extend to Proud Mode.

・New players, or players who have fallen behind in Story Mode, can use this feature to get caught up quickly!

*The images used in this announcement is still under development.

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