Get Illus. Kairi [EX] Pre-Strengthened to 5-Dots!

★ The incredible Tier 7 Illustrated Kairi [EX] is back!
 Get her pre-strengthened to 5 Special Attack Dots within 15 draws in this exclusive Falling Price Deal!

The Illustrated Kairi [EX] Falling Price Deal is back!
This time, she is guaranteed to come pre-strengthened to 5 Special Attack Dots within 15 draws from this Falling Price Deal!
With the Falling Price Deal, the Jewel cost will decrease with each pull, decreasing to 1900 Jewels from the 5th pull onward!

Illustrated Kairi [EX] also has unique Home Screen music when you share this Medal!

As a reminder, EX Medals can only be obtained for limited periods of time.
In other words, you won't be able to obtain Illustrated Kairi [EX] outside of this Falling Price Deal until we announce that she is available again!

Read on for details!

■ Campaign Period:
Feb. 14, 2018 12:00 a.m. to Feb. 20, 2018 11:59 p.m. (PT)
Feb. 14, 2018 8:00 to Feb. 21, 2018 7:59 (UTC)

■ Falling Price Deal Details:
This 10-Medal Falling Price Deal guarantees the following:
・The price of the deal will decrease after each draw:
 - 1st Draw: 3000 Jewels
 - 2nd Draw: 2500 Jewels
 - 3rd Draw: 2200 Jewels
 - 4th Draw: 2000 Jewels
 - 5th Draw onward: 1900 Jewels
・You are guaranteed to receive an Illustrated Kairi [EX] pre-strengthened to 5 Special Attack Dots within 15 draws from this Falling Price Deal!
・You will receive at least one Tier 4 or higher Medal that comes pre-strengthened to 1, 2, or 3 Special Attack dots!
・The remaining 9 Medals will be of 5★ or higher rarity!

You also have a chance of getting a Boosted version of this Medal!
・Boosted Illustrated Kairi [EX]: 1,000 more base Strength and Defense.
・The boosted base Strength and Defense stat will be highlighted in yellow instead of the usual white text on the Medal details screen.
・A Boosted Medal can have its Special Attack strengthened by fusing the normal version of the same Medal onto it.
However, make sure that you don't fuse the Boosted version onto a normal version, or else you'll lose the stat boost!

Illustrated Kairi [EX] Medal Details

Medal Attribute Reversed / Upright Special Attack Bonus Tier Special Attack Target Gauge Cost Damage Multiplier*
Illustrated Kairi [EX]
*Includes music.
M Upright 7 1 turn: ↑Upright STR by 2, STR by 7, PSM-STR by 6, ↓targets' DEF by 3, PSM-DEF by 4. Enemy countdown +1. HP recovery LV 4. Fills 5 gauges. All 0 × 4.53
* Damage multiplier listed applies to a version of this Medal with a maximum Special Attack Bonus.

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