Introducing Missions!

In Version 2.4.0, we're introducing Missions!
・Complete these daily and weekly missions to obtain various fabulous rewards!

Example Missions:
■Complete 5 quests!
■Earn 5,000,000 Lux together with your party members!

・You can check the currently available Missions by tapping on the "Missions" button on the Home Screen.


・You will receive rewards for completing Mission objectives.
 Tap the "Collect" or "Collect All" button on the Mission Screen to collect your rewards.


*If you tap the "Challenge" button next to an uncompleted Mission you will be taken to top Quest menu.

・There are a total of 4 Mission categories:
Beginner: These Missions are only available to players within the first 30 days of creating their account. These missions can be completed solo. *Beginner Missions are intended for players new to the game after the Version 2.4.0 Update.
Daily: These Missions change daily and can be completed solo.
Weekly: These Missions change weekly and can be completed with party members.
Limited: These Missions will only be available for a limited time and can be completed solo.

*'Weekly' Missions are Missions where party members work collectively to complete Mission objectives.
*The images used in this announcement are still under development.

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