Return of Cheaper Avatar Boards!

In response to the tremendous popularity of our previous Decreased Avatar Board Prices campaign, we have decided to keep the prices for those boards reduced forever!
See below for more details!

●Decreased Avatar Board Prices

The Avatar Boards listed below are now cheaper!
By unlocking nodes on these boards, not only will you earn snazzy outfits, but you’ll also be able to increase your maximum Keyblade cost limit to equip more powerful Medals!

See below for a list of updated Avatar Board prices!

Board Name Normal Price Campaign Price
Cheshire Cat: Ears (Male) 500 200
Cheshire Cat: Ears (Female) 500 200
Mad Hatter 1000 300
Alice 1000 300
KH Sora (Male) 1500 500
KH Sora (Female) 1500 500
KH Riku (Male) 1500 500
KH Riku (Female) 1500 500

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