Earn Halloween Costumes & More!

■ Event Period
Oct. 21, 2016 12:00 a.m. to Nov. 3, 2016 11:59 p.m. (PT)
Oct. 21, 2016 7:00 to Nov. 4, 2016 6:59 (UTC)

■Event Details
★Defeat the Halloween Heartless to get Event Coins, which you can use to unlock rewards from the new Event Boards!
 ・The Event Boards contain a bounty of Chip, Dale, Cid, and Moogle Medals, as well as Halloween Avatar Parts!
 ・There are even bonus Event Boards for you to spend your extra Event Coins on!

During these event quests, you may come across the Gold Tricholoma enemy. If you defeat it, you’ll net yourself a large amount of Event Coins!
But you’ll need to be fast, because it will run away after a certain number of attacks! You’ll see a counter above its head indicating how many attacks are left before it runs away.
[Edited on Oct. 24] The previous version of this notice incorrectly stated that the counter above the Gold Tricholoma's head corresponded to the number of turns remaining. However, the counter actually corresponds to the number attacks remaining. We apologize for this error and for any inconvenience caused.

■ Contents of Event Board
(The rewards listed below are for each board. The boards only differ in terms of obtainable avatar parts.)

Avatar Parts
 Pumpkin Hat
 Pumpkin Cravata / Pumpkin Brooch    Item Drop Perk +3
 Halloween: Cape / Halloween: Gloves

 6★ Chip x 1
 5★ Chip x 2
 3★ Chip x 2
 6★ Dale x 1
 5★ Dale x 2
 3★ Dale x 2
 6★ Cid x 2
 6★ Moogle x 2
 6★ Magic Mirror x 1

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